Guidelines for authors of papers

Technical requirements

Structure of the paper:

  • Full name of author/authors, name of the institution,
  • Title, abstract and keywords in Polish language,
  • Title, abstract and keywords in English language,
  • Text with photographs, tables and figures,
  • Literature,
  • Information about research project funding on the basis of which the article was made.

Creating and formatting text (see – Scheme of the paper).
Page settings – page size A4, vertical orientation, margins: left, right – 2,5 cm, top, bottom – 2 cm, heading – 1,5 cm, footer – 1 cm.
Authors – position and scientific titles, full names and name of the institution should be centred under the title.
Abstract – between 100 and 150 words in Polish and English languages The abstract should indicate the subject dealt with in the paper and should state the goal of investigation.
Keywords – between 3 to 7 words typical for the subject in Polish and English.
Text – should not be longer than 10 pages of A4 size typed by Times New Roman with different size specified in the paper’s scheme and interline space set to 1. Text has to be adjusted and the tabulator set at 0.75. Titles of chapters and subchapters have to be numbered by the Arabic digits and the remaining specifications should be made by pointing marks. Within the text the pictures, graphs and tables have to be placed close to the place of reference and numbered in succession. (Figure 1, Table 1, Picture 1). Captions under the figures and pictures have to be centred and titles put on the top of tables have to be adjusted to the left. Maths equations and formula have to be prepared by using Microsoft Equation and numbered with Arabic numbers in round brackets (1).


Literature – all references should be marked in the text as following Arabic numbers in square brackets. The full list of references should be collected and typed at the end of paper.

[1] Surname name, first name, Title of paper, Title of magazine, Number, pages, Place of publishing, year of publishing.
[2] Surname name, first name, Title of book, Publishing house, Place of publication, year of publication.
[3], date of access.
[4] PN-EN —— : year, Title of the standard.

Information about research project funding on the basis of which the article was made and other important information should be given in italics centered at the end of the text under the Literature.